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1.403 for Android
Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd.

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description of Widgetable Adorable Screen App

Spruce Up Your Screen with WidgetWorld: The Ultimate Personalization Experience

WidgetWorld is revolutionizing the way you personalize your smartphone. Dive into a world of interactive and engaging widgets that not only beautify your screen but also connect you with your loved ones. Here's what you can expect:

Pet Paradise Widget:

Transform your screen into a virtual pet haven. Adopt, nurture, and interact with animated pets that keep you company throughout the day. Partner up with a friend or loved one and co-adopt a pet, sharing the joys of virtual pet parenting.
Emotion Elixirs:

Visualize your feelings with our dynamic mood elixirs. Fill up a vial with colors that resonate with your emotions, offering a vibrant snapshot of your day.
Green Thumb Widget:

Cultivate your own digital garden right on your home screen. From blossoming flowers to luscious fruits, watch your plants thrive as you care for them.
Stay Connected with Social Widgets:

Proximity Pointer:

Ever wondered how far your friend or partner is? With real-time distance tracking, stay connected no matter the miles in between.
Mood & Status Share:

Keep tabs on your loved ones' moods. Send virtual hugs or words of encouragement when they need it most.
Memo Drops:

Drop delightful notes on your friends' screens, making their day a tad brighter.
Heartbeat Counter:

Every time you think of someone special, tap the heartbeat counter. It's a sweet way to say, "I'm thinking of you."
WidgetWorld is more than just an app; it's a movement towards deeper connections and expressive personalization. Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and emotions, making every interaction meaningful.

For the Proximity Pointer feature, we seek location permissions to ensure accurate distance measurements.

Reach Out: support@widgetworld.com

Terms of Service: https://widgetworld.com/terms

Privacy Commitment: https://widgetworld.com/privacy

Stay Updated:

Instagram: @widgetworldapp

TikTok: @widgetworld

Widgetable Adorable Screen App 1.403 Update:

1. Fixed Screen Display Bugs 2. Speed Optimized


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Additional App Information:

Category Tools
Latest Version 1.403
Publish Date 2023-09-10
Available Platform play store icon
Requirments Android 9.0+

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