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Crash Team Rumble APK Download for Android

Dive into the nostalgic world of Crash Bandicoot with Crash Team Rumble APK Download for Android. This 4v4 multiplayer sensation, masterfully developed by Toys for Bob (known for the hit Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time), is set to be a monumental hit in the Crash franchise's illustrious legacy.

In this captivating universe of Crash Team Rumble, fans get the best of both worlds - beloved characters and an electrifying multiplayer experience. From the iconic Crash to the wily Cortex and many more, each character boasts distinctive abilities that contribute to strategic gameplay, making every match unique.

Highlights of Crash Team Rumble APK for Android:

  • Cross-Platform Play: Engage with players from all platforms, whether console, PC, or mobile.
  • Strategic Team Play: Choose from Blockers, Scorers, or Boosters to strategize and lead your team to victory.
  • Unique Character Roster: From the infamous Crash to the cunning Dr. N. Tropy, there's a character for every playstyle.
  • Engaging Multiplayer Loop: Perfect for both casual gamers and dedicated strategists, thanks to its balanced gameplay mechanics.
  • Genuine Crash Aesthetics: The game retains the charming aesthetics that long-time Crash fans love.

Crash Team Rumble Pros & Cons: Pros:

  • Balanced Gameplay: Diverse roles ensure everyone has a part to play.
  • Tactical Depth: Beyond the surface, lies a layer of strategy that'll engage even the most hardcore gamer.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Play with friends, regardless of their device.


  • Combat: Those seeking more combat-centric games might yearn for more action.

In essence, Crash Team Rumble APK Download isn't just another game; it’s an experience, a trip down memory lane meshed with innovative gameplay mechanics. With cross-platform capabilities, unique characters, and strategic depth, this Crash offering is poised to deliver countless hours of fun. Download now, and let the Wumpa fruit battles begin!

Crash Team Rumble Apk Game 1 Update:

All Money And Premium Functions Unlocked! Explore the Exciting World of Crash Team Rumble APK Download: An Epic Multiplayer Showdown! Join the Crash universe's iconic heroes and villains in an exhilarating 4v4 online multiplayer experience, Crash Team Rumble APK Download. Developed by the talented team at Toys for Bob, creators of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, this game promises to be a thrilling addition to the Crash legacy. Dive into the chaos, master unique character abilities, and experience unforgettable battles in this celebration of Crash Bandicoot's enduring legacy.


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Additional Game Information:

Category Acrade Games
Latest Version 1
Publish Date 2023-10-08
Available Platform play store icon
Requirments Android 1.0+

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